Diet & Lifestyle Management

Often dieting is confused with weight loss which also leads to nutrition deficit. We provide a holistic approach that does not restrict food or compromise on nutrition. Lifestyle management  becomes a way of living automatically when you adopt adding a variety of food on your plate which helps attain balance.

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Heart Health Nutrition

Add foods like seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits and whole foods that add energy and help maintain cholesterol and blood pressure levels making your heart healthy. Make small but effective changes in your daily intake of food with our expert help. Read More

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Body Analysis

Determining different aspects of body function is the first step taken to achieve a heart healthy life. The right reports help in getting a deep understanding of your body. Getting a thorough analysis about fat, cholesterol levels, liver function, kidney function paves a clear path on how to move forward.

Expert Counselling

Get expert insight into your mental and physical health along with a review about your current lifestyle and eating habits. Our in-house xperts not only motivate and encourage you to take up a healthy lifestyle, they offer sound counselling with customised diet plans.

Diet Plan

We take into account your current food choices and customise a diet plan that is practical and easy to follow. We modify diet and add certain changes that bring down lethargy and makes you more active. Our plans help you enjoy your pathway to health.

Achieve Lifestyle Balance

While healthy eating is the cornerstone approach, eating in the right portion helps achieve optimal health. Physical activity is another important aspect to focus on as part of achieving good lifestyle balance. Our experts will help suggest the right exercise plan that improves overall health. Sometimes medication may be recommended to manage your blood sugar or blood pressure levels.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthy diet comes down to a balanced diet. Eating the right amount of food provides good nutrients and helps deal with cardiovascular diseases better. 

It’s important to have  portion control on food along with the correct amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals in them. Cutting down on sugars, fats and excessive salts is a great way if changing diet and achieving a healthy diet.